Adult Registration Instructions

In order to participate as a coach, assistant, team parent, board member, or other adult who will have direct contact with children, you must complete all steps on this page before you will be permitted to interact with Pepperell Soccer players.

  1. Review and be familiar with the following policies:
  2. Register as a Coach/Assistant Coach with Pepperell Youth Soccer »
  3. Make sure that your Volunteer status is selected correctly in AdminSports »
  4. Review Adult Registration Process Overview »
  5. Obtain adult credential lanyard

Credential Lanyard

Upon successful completion of the required training certifications, successful passage of background checks, and verification of your photo ID, our Risk Manager will process your adult registration and print a credential lanyard. You will be given a physical credential lanyard that must be worn at all times while you are engaged in Pepperell Soccer activities and interacting with children. It can take up to two weeks from the time the above registration steps are completed to obtain your lanyard.

Your plastic credential holder and lanyard should be kept for re-use in future seasons.

Validating Your Status

Once you have registered with Mass Youth Soccer, it can take up to two weeks for everything to clear and have your credential printed. Please log in to your Mass Youth Soccer account on Affinity Soccer to check your status.

Once you log in to your account, select the “Applications” tab to check your risk status:

You want your “risk status” to be approved and the expiration date to be after the end of the current season.

Next, select the “Certificates” tab:

Your SafeSport and CDC HeadsUp certificates must displayed in your account. If they are not, please upload them. All four items on this screen must be completed in order for your credential to print.