Player Pass


  • If a team is missing players and has 2 or fewer substitutes, the policy is intended to allow players from a lower or equal division or lower age group to augment the roster for a single game.
  • The “Host team” can have up to 3 “guest” players per game.
  • An individual player can only use a Player Pass 3 times per season.


  • Coach determines the team will have 2 or fewer substitutes for an upcoming game.
  • Coach reaches out to other team’s coaches and/or Coaching Directors with their need.
  • Host Team Coach identifies and confirms Guest Player(s) availability for a particular game.
  • Host Team Coach submits Player Pass request to the Registrar ( no later than 3:00pm two days prior to the game (i.e. Thursday, 3pm).
  • The Player Pass request shall include:
    • Guest Player’s Name
    • Guest Player’s current Team
    • Date of Game & Game ID in which the Guest Player will be utilized
    • Name(s) of rostered players who will be absent
  • During check-in with the Referee, the Host Team’s Coach must present updated rosters, which will be provided by the Registrar no later than 24hrs prior to game start.
    • Copies of the Host Team’s standard NVYSL Approved Roster, with absent Players clearly marked.
    • Copies of all NVYSL Approved Rosters from which Guest Players are being drawn, with Guest Player(s) clearly marked.

Do Not Use Ineligible Players!

  • Game will be automatically forfeited
  • Fines and other sanctions from the League