Team Parents (In-Town)

Team parents are a vital component of our in-town teams and a very valuable resource for each team. The time commitment is minimal, with almost all responsibility taking place during your child’s game on Sundays.

The main duties of a team parent are as follows:

Team Snacks

Team parents are responsible for organizing the snack schedule for your team. Typical snacks consist of a mid-game fruit (ie, Oranges) and a post-game snack (ie, Popcicles). Please be aware of any player alergies and be sure all snacks are individually wrapped (and in the case of fruit, pre-sliced). It is also advised that team parents send snack reminders to parents a few days prior to the game.

Fall Raffle Tickets

Each fall, Pepperell Soccer conducts a raffle to help fundraise. Team parents are responsible for handing out raffle tickets to all families.


About halfway through the season, a professional photographer is brought in to take individual player and team photos. We ask team parents to help gather their teams for pictures and also help distribute pictures to their team families.

Coach Certificates

As a thank-you to our wonderful coaches, we will provide team parents with certificates for each coach. We ask that team parents have each player sign each certificate and present the signed certificates to the coaching staff at the end of the season.

Uniform Shirt

Team parents are expected to wear their team uniform shirt to all games. This is to help Pepperell Soccer staff and fellow team families easily identify you. It also enables you to step-in and assist your team on the field if and when needed.


All team parents must have a valid CORI. Original identification materials (not copies) must be validated in person by our registrar. If for some reason you have not done yours or you need to have a new one done, please contact our registrar ( For more information about the CORI process and what’s required, reference Mass Youth Soccer’s Adult CORI Registration.