Incident Reporting

The safety of all participants in our programs is paramount. It is incumbent on all adults, including coaches, board members, and parents/guardians, to ensure the safety of our players and adherence to all guidelines. Should you witness or suspect misconduct, you must report it following the process below.

Physical or Sexual Abuse Reporting

If you witness or suspect physical or sexual abuse of a child, you must report it immediately as outlined below.

Everyone listed below MUST be contacted when physical or sexual abuse is suspected.

  1. Pepperell Police Department: 978-433-2424
  2. Department of Children and Families, Chelmsford Office: 978-275-6800
  3. State of Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), online: or via telephone: 800-792-5200
    • Massachusetts Mandatory Reporting Guidelines:
  4. Club Risk Manager:
  5. State Risk Manager, Mary Relic: or 978-598-3613
  6. National Governing Body (NGB)
    • US Soccer Integrity Hotline Number – (312) 528- 7004
    • US Soccer –
    • US Center for SafeSport –
  7. Other Forms of Misconduct

    Other misconduct, such as emotional abuse, bullying, hazing, harassment, code of conduct violations, or other policy violations must be reported to our risk manager and will initiate a formal review and notification process:

    1. Club Risk Manager:
    2. Pepperell Soccer Board of Directors Review/Hearing
    3. Decision of the Board is sent to the State Risk Manager, Mary Relic: