What to Bring

All players must bring the following to each game and practice:

  • Soccer Ball
  • Plenty of drinking water
  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer Socks
  • Soccer Cleats
  • Comfortable Shirt and Shorts for practices (uniform for games)

Specific equipment requirements are outlined below. Please ask your coach or a league official if you have any questions.


ALL jewelry must be removed during practices and games. This includes fitness trackers, watches, earrings, studs, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Earrings must be completely removed and may not be worn on the field at any time – no exceptions. Please do not have your player’s ears pierced right before the season starts!


Hard casts or splints on arms, legs, wrists, or fingers are not allowed. Referees have no latitude regarding casts and splints. Knee or elbow braces with exposed metal must be covered by protective padding.

Soccer Balls

Soccer balls come in different sizes, based upon the age division of the player. Size requirements are as follows:

  • U6 and U8: Size 3
  • Grades 3/4 and 5/6: Size 4
  • Grades 7/8 and up: Size 5


In-Town (U6/U8)
Uniform t-shirts are provided for all players at the beginning of the season. The shirt must be worn at all games. Shorts and socks may be any color. Long-sleeved shirts/light jackets are allowed, but the team t-shirt must be worn over them. Long, lightweight pants are allowed in cooler weather. No hooded sweatshirts or jackets are permitted.

Travel Teams (Grades 3-8)
The entire official team uniform must be worn at all games (no substitutions). The official uniform consists of a blue/black Pepperell Soccer jersey, solid black shorts, and solid black socks. There must be no colored logos or stripes on the socks or shorts. Jersey numbers are assigned by Pepperell Soccer (to prevent duplicates) and players will keep the same number throughout their playing time with Pepperell Soccer. Travel uniforms are ordered about 6 weeks prior to the start of the season via our website.

Shorts and socks may be purchased at any sports store (i.e. Dick’s Sporting Goods).

Shin Guards / Socks

Shin guards are a vital component of the soccer uniform and protect (as the name implies) a player’s shins from being repeatedly kicked during games. These are required and a player may not participate without them. A player’s socks must completely cover the shin guards during play.



Sneakers are acceptable for U6 and U8 soccer games and practices, however we recommend that each player wear proper soccer cleats. Below is some information on how to select and care for soccer cleats.

Buy cleats specifically made for soccer:

  • NO metal studs
  • NO studs at the front toe of the shoe

This is safety concern for the player and for other on the field. Cleats made for other sports (ex. Football, Baseball and Lacrosse) may have a stud at the front toe of the cleat which can injury other players on the field. Dick’s Sporting Goods has a wide selection of youth soccer cleats.

Save your money
Buy less expensive synthetic cleats (instead of leather). These are perfectly adequate for young players. We also run a cleat swap prior to each season. This is a great way to get a free pair of cleats and also an opportunity to donate your gently used cleats. You don’t need to donate a pair to get a pair and we often have shin guards and balls, too! Watch your pre-season emails for details.

Buy for the short term
We all know how fast kids grow out of shoes, however is it important to buy cleats with a proper fit. Attempting to get cleats to last two seasons (fall and spring) may result in blisters. Try on cleats with soccer socks and shin guards to ensure proper fit. Dry shoes naturally or by using a dehumidifier. Do not use artificial heat.