Code of Conduct

Pepperell Soccer places an emphasis on learning the game, improving individual skills, playing as a team, making new friends, and having fun – not solely on winning or losing.

This code of conduct has been implemented to ensure a fun, friendly, safe environment for all involved with our program. The following applies to all Pepperell Soccer activities including practices, games (home and away), tournaments, clinics, etc.

Parent / Spectator Expectations

  1. Be Positive. Support the players, coaches, and referees from the opposing team as well as from your team with encouragement and praise. Applaud good plays and maintain good sportsmanship. Keep all negative comments to yourself.
  2. Respect the Ref. All Referees make mistakes. After all, they are human just like you! Never comment on a referee’s calls. All issues should be reported through our referee director at [email protected] Many referees are young adults and they should be treated the same way you’d want your child treated in the same situation.
  3. Let Coaches Coach. Our coaches are volunteers who dedicate a lot of time and energy towards the improvement of our players. Coaches have a difficult job and players do not benefit from parents coaching from the sidelines. Instructions from spectators may contradict coach instructions and confuse players. Allowing players the freedom to make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes is the fastest way to improvement.
  4. Remain in the Spectator Area. Spectators must remain on the opposite side of the field from the team’s benches. Only rostered players and coaches are permitted on the field of play or in the team’s bench area. Spectators may not approach the team’s bench area, stand behind the goal, or come on to the field for any reason.
  5. Leave the Game on the Field. No amount of comment, question, or discussion with players, referees or coaches will change the outcome of a game. Regardless of the outcome, coaches will evaluate the performance, reinforce the good things, and work to improve on the not-so-good things. Never directly approach or engage parents or players from the opposing team, coaches, or referees after the game. Referees and coaches are instructed not to engage in any conversations about the game with spectators.

Take pride in yourself, your team, your town and your league. You are representing Pepperell Soccer as well as your child’s team. Be respectful, set a good example for the youth of our community, and above all remember: this is youth soccer.

Injury Protocol

If your child gets knocked down or is hurt, resist the urge to run onto the field. Let the referee and coach assess the issue. You will be called upon if needed. If you are concerned about your child’s condition or safety, please approach the corner flag nearest the team’s bench and signal a coach. Your child will be brought to you, away from other players and the bench area.

COVID-19 Policy

The current COVID-19 pandemic brings many unique challenges and changes to our past practices. Pepperell Soccer follows state, local, and MA Youth Soccer Association guidelines for a safe return to play. Full details are available from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association. All members of the Pepperell Soccer community including players, coaches, officials, parents, spectators, and visitors are required to follow these guidelines as implemented by Pepperell Soccer. Failure to comply with COVID-19 guidelines may result in being asked to leave the activity.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Pepperell Soccer has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in accordance with the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL). We expect all adults involved in our program to lead by example and teach respect of referees, coaches, and players. Violations of the above policy or any outburst towards coaches, referees, players or other parents on the sidelines will result in:
First Offense – You will receive a verbal and/or written warning.
Second Offense – You will be asked to leave the game and be BANNED from future games.

Parent Volunteers

While we appreciate the help and support of parents, we are unable to allow parents to step in and help on the field – such as during practices and games. Anyone who is not a registered Adult through Pepperell Soccer is not permitted to interact with the children in any way. This policy is strictly enforced by Mass Youth Soccer.


Pets are not permitted within the fenced area of the fields at any time. This includes all playing surfaces and spectator areas.

Smoking, Vaping, e-Cigarettes

There is no smoking, vaping, or using of e-cigarettes within the fenced area of the fields at any time. This includes all playing surfaces and spectator areas.

Spectator Areas

COVID-19 Guidelines: The number of Parents and Spectators may be limited or not permitted at certain activities, such as clinics, practices, and games, to comply with maximum field capacity requirements. All players, coaches, staff, and spectators must comply with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association and/or Pepperell Soccer protocols in place.

Spectators may not cross the playing surface at any time, including before or after a practice or game.

U4, U6, U8: All spectators must remain at least eight feet from the field boundary and behind the spectator line. Per Mass Youth Soccer policy, spectators are not allowed on the side of the field with the players.

Grade 3-12: All spectators must remain at least eight feet from the field boundary and on the designated spectator side of the field. Per Mass Youth Soccer policy, spectators are not allowed on the side of the field with the players or along the goal lines.

Only registered players, referees, registered coaches, and registered Pepperell Soccer staff are permitted on the fields or within the team bench areas – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Last Updated: 18-Aug-2020