PreK/K Rules

All PreK/K games will be 3v3 and must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Field Size: 20×25
  2. Ball Size: 3
  3. No Goalkeepers: Players on the field should not be goal tending.
  4. Coaches: On the field during play.
  5. Length of Games: 8-minute quarters. There is a 2-minute break between quarters and a 5-minute break at halftime.
  6. Substitutions: Allowed on the fly. An injured player must be substituted.
  7. Substitution Area: Subs sit in the space provided between the 2 fields your team is playing on.
  8. Kick-offs: Only at the start of each quarter from the center line. The opposing team must be at least 3 yards away from the ball.
  9. Re-starts:
    • Following goals: The team that was scored on will pass it in from their end immediately following goal. The team that scored should back off to midfield to allow the other team to get the ball back in play.
    • Throw-ins: A kick-in is done instead of the thrown-in when the ball goes over the touchline.
    • Goal kicks: If the attacking team last touches the ball before it crosses end line, the team defending goal should do a kick within 2-3 yards (6-9 ft which is the height of an adult) of the goal and the attacking players must be in their defensive end.
    • Corner kicks: If team defending goal last touches ball before it crosses end line, the attacking team puts it into play with an indirect kick (can’t score unless someone else touches ball) from the corner.
  10. Spectators: All spectators must sit along the fence-line at least 5 feet from the field. Spectators are not allowed on or between the fields at any time.
  11. General Rules:
    • NO slide tackling
    • Retake illegal kick-ins and kick offs
    • No jewelry of any kind may be worn (bracelets, watches, earrings, activity trackers, necklaces, etc.). Exceptions for medical reasons only.
    • NO TAPING EARRINGS – they must be removed for the player to play on field
    • No unregistered players are allowed to play