Who do I contact if I have a question?

If you have a question, ask your child’s coach. The Pepperell Soccer board of officers and members meet the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Sis McGrath Community Center at the rotary. Meetings are open to the public.

Who can play?

Boys and girls ages 4-14 (by August 1) who attend school in Pepperell or have at least one custodial parent/guardian who resides in Pepperell are eligible to play. Girls ages 14-18 (by August 1) who attend school in Pepperell or at North Middlesex Regional High School, or have at least one custodial parent/guardian who resides in Pepperell are eligible to play.

When & where are games played?

Travel teams Grades 3-8 play on Saturdays and Grades 9-12 play on Sundays. All travel teams have half of their games in Pepperell and the other half in other towns participating in the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL). Games are played on Comiskey, Nissitissit, Glow, Leao or Varnum Brook fields.

In-town teams (Grades 2 and below) play on Sundays on Glow fields.

When is practice?

  • U6 : Teams practice half hour before game time on Sunday on the assigned field for their game.
  • U8 : At least one practice a week with the day and time chosen by coaches.
  • Grades 3/4 travel teams : Two practices a week. Day and time chosen by coaches.
  • Grades 5/6 and 7/8 Travel teams : Two practices a week. Day and time chosen by coaches.

What do I wear?

No jewelry allowed, including earrings. All jewelry must be removed before play. NOTE: Earrings of any kind (including studs) are not allowed. Please be advised NOT to have ears pierced close to or during the soccer season.

  • All In-town Teams: Team T-shirts are provided for all players at the beginning of the season. This shirt is to be worn at all games. Shin guards* are mandatory and socks* must cover them. Shorts* and socks can be any color. Cleats are recommended. Long-sleeved shirts/light jackets are allowed, but team T-shirt must be worn over them. Long, lightweight pants are allowed in cooler weather.
  • All travel teams: Shin guards* are mandatory and black socks must cover them. Cleats are required (no metal cleats). NCUP and MTOC level travel teams must wear the entire official team uniform (no substitutions). For ordering a jersey contact Uniform Coordinator. Uniform shirt numbers are assigned by Pepperell Soccer in order to prevent duplicate numbers. Players will keep their shirt number through their playing time with Pepperell Soccer. The official Pepperell Soccer uniform includes: blue/black jersey, solid black shorts, and solid black socks. Uniforms are ordered through Local Pro Sports at http://www.localprosports.biz/

* Can be purchased at any sports store (i.e. Dick’s, Olympia Sports, Modell’s)

What do referees look for during player check-in?
Prior to each game (both in-town and travel), the referees will conduct a safety check of all players. They are looking to ensure:

  1. Each player is wearing shin guards and those guards are covered by socks.
  2. Each player has proper footwear:
    • No studs on the front toe.
    • No metal studs.
    • Cleats are recommended, but sneakers are allowed. See our equipment page for further information.
  3. Players are not wearing any jewelry. All watches, activity trackers, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings must be removed. Bandages or tape covering earrings is not acceptable. Exceptions only for medical reasons (such as a medical ID or diabetic bracelet).

What do I bring to practice/games?

All players should bring their own ball (size 3 for U6 and U8, size 4 for Grades 3/4 and Grades 5/6, size 5 for Grades 7/8 and up) and should bring an appropriate amount of drink according to weather. Shin guards and socks to cover them, cleats, and comfortable shirt and shorts are to be worn.

How long is the season?

Seasons run 8 weeks (weather permitting). The spring season starts as soon as weather permits. No games are played Memorial Day weekend. The fall season usually starts the weekend after Labor Day. No games are played Columbus Day weekend.

How can I register?

You can register on-line using a credit card. If you cannot do this, registration forms can be found in the handout section of the website. Forms are to be mailed to the address on the registration form, along with the appropriate registration fee. Make checks payable to Pepperell Soccer. Note: It may take up to four weeks for checks to be deposited.

What is the cost?

Pepperell Soccer registration fees are as follows:
In-town registration fee is $60
Travel registration fee is $75
Late registrations are charged an additional $20.

Can I register after the registration deadline?

Yes. There is a $20 late fee added to the registration fee. If there is no team availability, money will be refunded. Only paper registrations will be accepted once the on-line registration is closed.

Can I receive a refund after registering?

Any player withdrawing from the program:

  • Prior to the start of the season will be refunded the registration amount less $10 for transaction fees.
  • Prior to the 2nd full week of the season will be refunded the registration amount less $25 for transaction and player affiliation fees.
  • After the 2nd full week of the season, NO refunds will be given.

When will I hear from a coach?

Two weeks prior to the start of the season. Check the website for updates.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

If you have any questions not answered on the website, please check Contacts and e-mail the appropriate person.