Field Closures

Field closures usually affects the start of the spring season and anytime we have prolonged soaking rains. As long as the fields are open, the coach will decide whether to hold or cancel practice. Always check with your coach when in doubt.

Travel Teams

Check the Nashoba Valley website to find out if a field is open.

In-Town Teams

In case of bad/questionable weather, check the Field Status box in the top-right corner of

GAMES: For Sunday games, check the website to find out whether or not games are being played.

  • U6 games will be called off no later than 10:30am.
  • U8 games will be called off no later than 12:15pm.

In the event of field closure, the status on and an email to coaches will be sent at least an hour prior to kick off or practice start. Coaches will not know field conditions prior to these times. Keep in mind field closures for U6 and U8 are independent of each other – so be sure to check an hour before start time.