Parent Code of Conduct

Outlined below are the expectations Pepperell Soccer has of its parents. By participating in Pepperell Soccer you agree to abide by the policies outlined below and understand that failure to comply with any part of this code of conduct may result in parent and/or player suspension from Pepperell Soccer.

The Parent Code of Conduct is based on the following three principles: (1) Demonstrating a positive attitude; (2) Setting a good example; and (3) Respecting others; specifically officials, opponents, and Pepperell Soccer players, parents, and coaches.

The Parent Code of Conduct applies to all Pepperell Soccer activities including practices, games (home and away), tournaments, clinics, etc. Pepperell Soccer has a zero tolerance policy toward violations of the Parent Code of Conduct outlined below:

  1. Parents/Friends/Family/Spectators are to be positive. Encourage all of the players, coaches and referees. Keep all negative comments to yourself.
  2. DO NOT coach from the sideline. Let the coaches make adjustments as they see the need. Instructions from a spectator can be exactly the opposite of the instructions given by the coach or the wrong instructions during certain situations in a game. Allowing the players the freedom to make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes is the fastest way to improvement.
  3. Never address players on the other team, except to encourage or praise.
  4. DO NOT comment on Referee’s calls. Treat the Referees with respect. All Referees make mistakes. All humans make mistakes. Referees are human. Let the coaches approach the Referees if they feel the need and/or report issues through formal channels. Many referees are young adults. Treat the referee how you’d want your child treated in the same situation.
  5. DO NOT engage in game-related discussions with parents from the opposing team.
  6. Leave the game on the field. When the game is over, no amount of comment, question or discussion with the players, referees or coaches can change the outcome. Regardless of the outcome, the coaches will evaluate the performances; reinforce the good things and work to correct the things needing improvement.
  7. Let Coaches coach. Our volunteer coaches dedicate a lot of time and energy to the improvement of our players. Pepperell Soccer pays for coaching certifications, clinics and other training. Coaches have a difficult job and do not benefit from overly suggestive parents. The end of the season Coach’s Evaluation is your opportunity to provide feedback on the coach’s performance.