Fall Raffle 2016

2016 Pepperell Fundraising 30/30 Raffle

For the month of November, 30 days of raffle prizes to help benefit Pepperell Soccer.

Day  30 Drawing of the 2016 30/30 Raffle – Winner Sandi Cotroneo!


Date Donated By Description of Prize Drawn By Winner
11/1/2016 Friends of Pepperell Soccer Vera Bradley Gift Pack

Norah Russell
& Emma Tierney

11/2/2016 Walgreens $20 Gift Card to Walgreens

Lauren Torpey
& Lily Reidy

Josh Stakun
11/3/2016 Filho’s Cucina $25 Gift Card to Filho’s

Ava Fernandez
& Ella Holloran

David S.
11/4/2016 Chili’s Bar and Grill $20 Gift Card to Chili’s Jill Hodgson
& Caitlin Kimball
Pasha Gavrichev
11/5/2016 New England Nails & Spa $25 Gift Card to New England Nail Salon/Life’s a Beach Bracelet
Mallory Morrill
& Amanda Regan
Susan Denno
11/6/2016 Boston Duck Tours 2 Duck Tour Passes Kyleigh Graham
& Emma Boccelli
Rachel Blaisdell
11/7/2016 Best Fitness Free 3 month Membership to Best Fitness/Nashua

Luke & Jack Boccelli

Krissy Hutchinson
11/8/2016 Friends of Pepperell Soccer Alex and Ani Soccer Bracelet Julia Chase

S. Petriccia

11/9/2016 Friends of Pepperell Soccer 2 Hallmark Soccer themed ornaments Egan Crear Stephanie Day
11/10/2016 Weathervane Weathervane Lobster Dinner for 2

Ryan Bettencourt

David Boisse
11/11/2016 Pepperell Beverage $25 Gift Card to Pepperell Beverage Emma Chase Kellie Anderson
11/12/2016 Max Country Gold $30 Max Country Golf Gift Card Luke Bettencourt Sophia Yamanishi
11/13/2016 Tynsbsboro Sports Center Free Birthday Party at Tyngsboro Sports Center Nathan Landino Sharon Metras
11/14/2016 Planet Fitness 1 Year Free Membership to Planet Fitness Audra & Evan DiCicco Sue Lallas
11/15/2016 In  Home Rehabilitation and Wellness Associates 2 Pepperell Soccer Fan Wear (Hat/socks)

Zachary & Avery Hansen

David Rich
11/16/2016 PYSL Exercise Package (weights, exercise ball, mat) Ally McMahon Gavela
11/17/2016 Not Your Average Joe’s $25 Gift Card to Not Your Average Joe’s Jameson, Matthew,
Zachary & Jayden Werner
Yuri Takenaka
11/18/2016 Bahama Breeze $25 Gift Card to Bahama Breeze Cam Triano Jessica O’Donnell
11/19/2016 Launch Trampoline Park 2 Passes to Launch Trampoline Park Jagger & Ava Borecki The LaCourse’s
11/20/2016 Great Wolf Lodge 4 Day Passes to Great Wolf Lodge M. Landino Olivia Marquis
11/21/2016 Therapeutic Massage of Pepperell $50 Gift Card the Therapeutic Massage of Pepperell Finn & Aja Van Clief Esme Carrasquilli
11/22/2016 Friends of Pepperell Soccer Signed Malcolm Butler Super Bowl Framed Photo Emily Marks Lynne Boeing
11/23/2016 Kimball Farm Kimball’s Gift Card Anna Green Stephen Staker
11/24/2016 Longhorn Steakhouse $25 Gift Card to Longhorn’s Chris Fleming Marisa Graham
11/25/2016 Craft Beer Cellar $25 Gift Card to Craft Beer Cellar Olivia & Andrew Peterson Rory Gelneau
11/26/2016 Wachusett Mountain 2 Ski Lift Passes to Wachusett Mountain Jack &  Colin Harrington Sharon Metras
11/27/2016 Patriot Technical Consulting 4 Bruins tickets Noah Bagley Borecki
11/28/2016 PYSL Family Soccer Set:  3 Soccer Balls, Cones Evelyn Bagley Marisa Graham
11/29/2016 Friends of Pepperell Soccer Homemade Fleece Soccer Themed Blanket Sophia Barron Lyle Family
11/30/2016 PYSL Free Player PYSL Spring Soccer Registration Nina Sullivan Sandi Cotroneo
Day1_2016Day1 Drawing of the 2016 30/30 Raffle – Winner Tommy Anderson!

Day 2 – Winner Josh Stakun!

Day 3 – Winner David S!

Day4 – Winner Pasha Gavrichev!


Day 5 – Winner Susan Denno!


Day 6 – Winner Rachel Blaisdell

Day 7 – Winner Krissy Hutchinson!

Day 8 – Winner S. Petriccia!

Day 9 – Winner Stephanie Day!

Day10_2016Day 10 – Winner David Boisse!

Day 11 – Winner Kellie Anderson!

Day12_2016Day 12 – Winner Sophia Yamanishi!

Day 13 – Winner Sharon Metras!

Day 14 – Winner Sue Lallas!

Day 15 – Winner – Winner David Rich!

Day 16 Winner – Gavela!

Day 17 Winner – Yuri Takenaka!

Day 18 Winner – Jessica O’Donnell!

Day 19 Winner – The LaCourse Family!

Day 20 Winner -M. Landino!

Day21 Winner – Esme Carrasquilli!

Day 22 Winner – Lynne Boeing!

Day 23 Winner – Stephen Staker!

Day 24 Winner – Marisa Graham!

Day 25 Winner – Rory Gelneau!

Day 26 Winner – Sharon Metras!

Day 27 Winner – Borecki!

Day 28 Winner – Marisa Graham!

Day 29 Winner – The Lyle Family!

Day 30 Winner – Sandi Cotroneo!